Welcome to Mobile Fashion Marketing.

IMG_8089This is your very first post. Created to bring together industry professionals and academics in Fashion Mobile Marketing with the aim of providing greater understanding to the future development within this exciting area.

The Fashion Mobile Marketing is a networking and content platform for professionals who are passionate about fashion, retail, m-commerce, mobile marketing, digital business, consumer behaviour, fashion segment and cultural shifts influenced by technological developments.

The blog set up by Manchester Metropolitan University has access to advanced Eye Tracking technology to build further knowledge in this area.  Currently ground-breaking research is being carried out into Mobile-Optimized websites and Mobile Apps.

This blog is dedicated to the next generation of Mobile Marketing experts and users, and it has been created to share the latest findings on research into the area of Fashion Mobile Marketing.

We carry out consumer research projects with a focus on the role of iPhone, Android, iPad, tablet & Mobile Applications and Mobile-Optimized websites in the customer journey.

Happy reading!


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